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<横浜市国際学生会館>2024年春の入居者募集開始! Yokohama Int'l Student House (YISH) is recruiting new residents

横浜市国際学生会館 応募要項

1.対象者 Eligibility

留学生 International Students

(1)Those who are regular students of undergraduates and postgraduates in YCU, and have a Student VISA. (Research Students do not meet the requirements)
(2)Those who can attend the Guidance for New Residents meeting that will be held in February or March.


2.応募方法 Application Procedures


〒236-0027 横浜市金沢区瀬戸22-2 横浜市立大学グローバル推進室国際交流担当 宿舎係


Those who meet the above-mentioned application requirements are requested to submit or mail the application materials and Application Form for issuing letter of recommendation to YCU International Division by 17:00 on January 17th, 2024.

Forms ※ Both forms are donwloadable from "3. Download" below.
(1) The application materials set by YISH.
  ※Forms are donwloadable from "3. Application Forms Download" below.
(2) Application Form for issuing letter of recommendation
  ※Form is donwloadable from "4 Letter of Recommendation Download" below

Mailing Adress:
Yokohama City University International Affairs Office
22-2 Seto, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0027
*Applicants are requested to apply via YCU (Not directly to YISH)

3.申請書類ダウンロード Application forms download



Among the application items, Lecommendation letter (form no. 3) should be downloaded from the 4."letter of recommendation download" below.

YISH webpage (English)

4.推薦書ダウンロード Letter of Recommendation download

【市大生専用】 推薦書(第3号様式)Letter of Recommendation for YCU student

*新入生の皆さんはダウンロードできません。個別にYCU Int'l Officeに連絡ください。
 *Prospective students cannot open the files. Please contact YCU Int'l Affairs Office to request the form.


Ask your Supervisor in YCU to fill in "Supervisor Name (記載者)", "Reason of Recommendation (推薦理由)" and your information on the Letter of Recommendation. Others including nomination dates will be written by YCU.

推薦書発行願(学内限定) Letter of Recommendation

 *新入生の皆さんはダウンロードできません。個別にYCU Int'l Officeに連絡ください。
 *Prospective students cannot open the files. Please contact YCU Int'l Affairs Office to request the form.

5.入居者の決定 Results for Acceptance of Residents

 【留学生 International Students】

Residents are decided by selection from the "YISH Resident Acceptance Committee". The results will be sent to the applicants directly in the middle of February.


6.注意事項 Notes

Please be punctual for the closing date and time of submission below.
 - 17:00 on January 17th(Wed), 2024 at YCU International Affairs Division

7.問い合わせ先 Inquiry

グローバル推進室 045-787-2416/2049

書類送付先:〒236-0027 横浜市金沢区瀬戸22-2         
横浜市立大学グローバル推進室 国際交流担当 宿舎担当宛