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YCU Clinical Clerkship for Medical Students


Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we regretfully announce the cancellation of YCU Clinical Clerkship Program until May 15th, 2022. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. E-mail:ycumedgl@yokohama-cu.ac.jp (As of September 24th, 2021)

YCU Clinical Clerkship Program for Medical Students - independent/non-exchange students

 Yokohama City University is located in the 2nd largest city in Japan, and we are the only university hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture. Observing foreign hospitals may give you a new point of view and insights and will lead to a wider perspective, which will contribute to your future career.
 We offer limited opportunities for independent applicants (=non exchange students) to conduct observation-based observerships in our hospitals. 


The applicant must:
-be a regular student at an accredited medical school
-have completed pre-clinical courses or the equivalent
-be in the final year of his/her medical program
-have a high level of language skills in either English or Japanese
-have a good academic standing
-have the main purpose for coming to Japan as attending this program
(we do not accept part-time participants)

Important Note

(1) Applications must be coordinated via the YCU Medical Education Internationalization Section. Please do NOT contact faculty members directly.
(2) Applicants must be responsible for all arrangements and expenses related to the Clinical Clerkship Program, including travel and medical insurance. 
(3) During the program, hands-on clinical internships are prohibited according to the Japanese Medical Practitioners Law.
(4) Any planned holiday must be arranged outside of the dates of the his/her clerkship.
(5) Either Japanese or English language proficiency is required.
  <note>*If the applicant’s proficiency in Japanese language is limited to an elementary level, while the applicant is not expected to be highly proficient in Japanese, they should not expect an English-only environment.


Maximum 4 weeks
-Please note that clinical clerkships are not available during the following days/dates
(1) National holidays, Saturdays and Sundays
University holidays (December 29- January 3)

Host Hospital/Department

(1) Participants will be assigned either to the YCU University Hospital or the YCU Medical Center.
The host department will decide placement according to your personal statement.

(2) Participants may gain experience in one or two departments.
Please refer to the list below and check if you meet requirements of each department.
Try to pick several departments so that you will have more chance of acceptance.
The minimum duration at one department should be 2 weeks.

◆Departments list and acceptance calendar for international student
   →Please ask program office by email for details. (ycumedgl@yokohama-cu.ac.jp)
◆YCU 2020 leaflet (Please find past participants voice here!)  <download>

 YCU University Hospital
 YCU Medical Center


Training fee - 1,100 yen per day  *Fees will be charged upon arrival 


Applicants are responsible for finding their accommodations on their own.
We can provide a list of potential housing options.

<Just for your information>
Past students stayed...
◆FLEXSTAY INN Sakuragicho

Application Process

Application Deadline
7 months prior to your expected starting date(By the 1st day of that month)
Example: Starting the program from July 1 -- Deadline: The 1st of December

Notification of Result
3.5 months prior to your expected starting date(By the 1st day of that month)
Example: Starting the program from July 1--Notification of result: in the middle of March

Application items
-All documentation must be in English or with English translation.

Items should be submitted upon application
(1) Application Form <download>
(2) Request Letter from applicant's dean <sample format>
(3) Curriculum Vitae
(4) Statement of Purpose 
    *A one(or two)-page statement that includes reasons for conducting Clinical Clerkship at YCU, etc.
(5) Copy of Passport 
(6) English Language Certificate (Standarized English test score or attestation from the applicant's university)

Items can be submitted later, but up-to-date two months prior to the arrival.
*Failing to submit (7)-(11) may lead to revoking your acceptance even if notification
of acceptance has been delivered

(7) Certification of health and vaccination<download>
(8) Proof of personal health and accident insurance 
(9) Proof of medical malpractice insurance: $1,000,000 per incident; $3,000,000 aggregate.
(10) Pledge to Protect Private Information <download>

Medical Education Internationalization Section, Yokohama City University School of Medicine