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Brennen Terrill

Brennen Terrill


Brennen Terrill was born and raised in the wild, golden hills of California, within a stone’s throw of San Francisco. By the age of 14 he had traveled across much of Eastern and Western Europe, kicking and screaming most of the way, as his ex-hippie parents dragged him from one “cherished childhood memory” to another. Despite these early hardships he came to appreciate and love travel and learning about new people and cultures.  He now finds himself a permanent resident and taxpayer of Japan, and has put down roots in his adopted country. Brennen enjoys not only teaching English, but a variety of subjects to all age groups. When he isn’t teaching in a classroom, or holed up in his university cave (i.e. office or Writing Center) typing away furiously at his battered keyboard, he likes to spend his time reading about different subjects pertaining to Japan.

Education/Research Interests: Brennen has an MA in TESOL and an MA in History. He is currently working on his PhD in Education (ABD). His research interests include academic writing, peer-feedback efficacy, and writing center related issues.


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