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Mulia Teguh Nguyen

Mulia Teguh Nguyen



My name is Mulia Teguh Nguyen, but please call me Teguh. I am from Brisbane, Australia. It’s a laidback place which has impacted how I live my life. A good day for me is relaxing at home with friends, sit around a barbecue and just chatting about everything.

In Australia, I am a high school English and Science teacher. Although, with my love of tech, I have also been tasked to teach Information Technology as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I taught there for 2 years before moving to Japan in 2010.

I have lived in Japan now for 11 years. I have lived all over the place, Hokkaido, Yamanashi, Hyogo, Osaka, and now in Tokyo. Teaching students from elementary all the way to university, has allowed me to observe the unique circumstances that Japanese students are under and have helping me create lessons that cater to it.


Throughout my time teaching in Japan, I have found one thing to be a big motivator of students wanting to learn and get better at English. That is the hope to travel. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel to an English speaking country, or a non-English speaking country, the drive, and the want to travel encourages students to want to learn English. Although many students want to visit countries like France and Italy, they want to study English because at the end of the day, they know that English will be of great benefit to them while they travel to those countries.

So go online. Search about places that look cool. Hopefully one will catch your eye, and motivate you to study English with more conviction.

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