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Message from the Assistant Director

Message from the Assistant Director

Hello. My name is Chihiro Kato. I’m an associate professor in the Liberal Arts and International Studies Department. I’m also an assistant director of the Practical English Center. I would like to introduce my background and give some hints for your study.
I’m a typical Japanese person educated in the Japanese educational system. I’m not a native speaker of English, or a returnee from an English speaking country. Therefore, I understand the problems you have when you study English. You must face a lot of difficulties in learning English. You can share your problems with me because I also have experienced the same difficulties in learning English as you face now.

English is not a subject to “study” hard: English is a subject to “practice” a lot. Just the same as we play sports or music, we need to practice a lot to improve our skills using English. Before an official game of your sport or a musical performance in front of audience, you will practice a lot in order to play or perform well. You must get a sense of accomplishment when you win the game or receive great applause. You also need to enjoy your practice to keep your motivation.

Let me give you some advice for your English practice: 1. Have contact with English every day. 2. Build-up your vocabulary. 3. Practice your pronunciation. 4. Don’t study only for TOEIC. The most important thing, however, is your continuous effort and motivation. You should set up a clear purpose of your study and imagine your future self using English in various situations. TOEFL/TOEIC score doesn’t mean everything. What you can do or what you want to do with English is important. Enjoy your practice, enjoy your class. I hope you’ll do your best.

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