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Advanced English Classes


The Overall aim of Advanced Practical English is to develop the ability to use English in academic settings outside of YCU. To this end, students are encouraged to achieve 550 on ITP-TOEFL or 79-80 on iBT-TOEFL by the completion of the course. Attaining this score, however, is not required for passing the course. There are five Advanced Practical English classes. Each class has specific aims and prerequisites for registering.

Registering for Class

While registration for Advanced Practical English is not limited to students who are planning to study abroad, students taking these classes should be prepared to seriously learn English in a class with highly motivated associates. Anyone planning to study abroad is strongly encouraged to take all of the Advanced Practical English classes. 


Students in APE I and IV are required to take ITP-TOEFL at the end of the course. Students in APE V are required to take iBT-TOEFL at the end of the course. There may be some financial assistance for students who score highly on this test.
Students may register for one APE class of two credits over the limit of 24 credits per semester.

Practical English Center

Students in this class are eligiable to receive full support from the Practical English Center including being able to borrow graded readers from the Center. 

Advanced English Classes