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Prumel Barbudo

Prumel Barbudo


Hello, I’m Prumel Barbudo. I’m from the Philippines. I was a former public high school teacher and university instructor in my hometown. Several years ago, I won the Japanese Monbukagakusho Government Scholarship so I moved to Tokyo to do some teacher development research for a couple of years. After my program, I decided to stay here and worked at all levels of Japanese education, teaching both children and adults in public and private institutions. I grew up as a probinsyano (a Filipino term which loosely means "country boy,") so going abroad was not just a dream come true, but a major life change. I love teaching and I have been enjoying this job for over 18 years. I like traveling and whenever there’s an opportunity, I always look forward to spending my day on the beach. I finished my M.A. in English Education but I like to learn more ideas especially about language pedagogy. My current research interests include ethnography in education, metacognition, interlanguage pragmatics, and English as a Lingua Franca.


Hello everyone.
Time and again, I have often heard my students say that they are not confident with their English skills. Just like you, English is not my mother tongue. In fact, it is my third language, so I understand you fully. I know the struggles and challenges of mastering a foreign language. I personally dealt with the fear of making mistakes in another language. While I was learning, I was too concerned with what others may think of me. As a foreign language learner, you will commit mistakes, but that is okay. Making mistakes is good because it is a natural part of learning. When you accept your mistakes, you can learn from them and do better next time. I am glad to help you improve your English skills by making our interactions fun and engaging. With bold determination and a great deal of practice, just like me, I know you can succeed too in your English studies!

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