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Nobuyoshi Kotani

Nobuyoshi Kotani


My name is Nobuyoshi Kotani. My career started as an English teacher at a senior high school in Osaka. After working for five years, I took a three-year official leave from the Government to earn a master's degree in Sydney, Australia. Specialising in translation, interpretation, and applied linguistics, I devoted myself to exploring effective teaching methodologies that are tailored to Japanese English language learners. In 2017, I started working as a university lecturer in Tokyo. My specialties include: teaching IELTS; equipping students with academic skills; and producing autonomous learners with a global mindset. 


Throughout your life, you might have heard that English will be necessary in your future; however, this is not always the case - it depends on what trajectory you will pursue and what picture of life you want to paint. That said, English learning will bring opportunity, growth and enjoyment to your life in many ways. English learning improves cognitive ability and memory, and increases cultural awareness. In addition, having an excellent command of English can give you a competitive edge in finding employment.
In order to be fluent in English, you need patience, persistence, resilience, ingenuity, and even expert guidance. During the learning process, one major hurdle you will encounter is plateauing: your skill development will level off, and it may feel like you will never achieve your goals. However, the process of overcoming this kind of obstacle enables you to achieve personal growth and will equip you with the knowledge, expertise, and inspiration you need to progress on your English learning journey.
The PE instructors, myself included, are here to help you reach your language learning goals. We will make every endeavour to create a classroom environment that is stimulating, supportive and motivating. We want to help you become the greatest practitioners in your chosen fields, and valuable assets to society. We look forward to learning with you in class.


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