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Jeff Finnigan


I'm from New York State! However, I'm not from New York City like you might imagine. I'm from two smaller cities called Rochester and Syracuse. I have done all kinds of jobs before I became a teacher. I've worked in construction, done industrial electrical work, worked for a card game company, and even tried to work for the FBI! I love playing games, and I love to talk to people who are passionate about their hobbies. If you are really passionate about something, I hope you'll share it with me.


 I have studied many languages over the years. I also have a young son who is learning English, Japanese, and Chinese at the same time so I understand how difficult it can be to learn languages. When we study, I feel the best motivation is having practical situations where we can use the targeted language. If I can go out and use what I am studying in the real world, it's much more likely that I can get instant feedback from friends and others. I think this natural feedback loop is fantastic and I try to imitate it as much as possible in the classroom. By not only studying a language, but living in the language and using it, we naturally will improve over time as we become more comfortable with grammar structures, vocabulary, and all the intricate aspects of the language. Keep an open mind as you learn new languages and you might even find new bits of culture that you enjoy as well. Don't forget to enjoy the process along the way! That's what life is all about.

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