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Yoko Igarashi

Yoko Igarashi


My name is Yoko igarashi. I was born and grew up in Saitama. I lived in South England and Northern Ireland where I studied English and completed my master's degree in TESOL. My English teaching experience varies from conversation schools to a technical nursing college. The most fascinating one among them is a teaching practice at a secondary school in Hungary. I love traveling and meeting people. I Also like reading and watching films. My research interests are student motivation and demotivation.


Nice to meet you, everyone. Do you enjoy learning English? English is a tool for communication. It can help expand your world and broaden your perspective. Learning a foreign language means you also learn about its culture. At the same time, it becomes a mirror to look at your own language and gives you opportunities to think about your own culture. Through this experience, you'll encounter a lot of different ideas. Let's enjoy this interesting and enjoyable journey with me.

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