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Tomoe Sato


 Hello, I’m Tomoe Sato. I graduated high school in Hokkaido and moved overseas. I’ve lived in different countries, but mainly in the United States and taught both English and Japanese in colleges and universities there. My research interests include gamification in classroom, motivations, and Mobile Assisted Language Learning.


English was one of my least favorite subjects while I was in high school. A summer study abroad in my sophomore year of high school changed my perspective toward English. I wanted to communicate with a lot of people from other cultures, and it motivated me to learn English. My English learning journey wasn’t always smooth, and many times I doubted myself and wanted to give up. I kept reminding myself how fun and exciting it had been whenever I was able to understand others and understood by others.

My advice to those who are struggling to enjoy learning English is that try different ways to approach English. I improved my English grammar by watching the same English TV dramas or films again and again. I improved my English skills from my ears. Everyone has different learning styles. If one style didn’t work for you, try a different one. We can find many different styles together! Let’s have fun!


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