YCU was named the top 16th in the world, and the top 2nd in Japan!

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In 2016, Times Higher Education ranked YCU as one of the top 20 best small universities worldwide*. Globally, YCU secured 16th place, while nationally, YCU was ranked the 2nd best small university. Here in YCU, we believe that our students deserve the best educational experience they can get. With a student body of 4889,our university’s 687 teaching staff are able to focus more of their attention to each student.


Our small student body also ensures that each and every one of our students will have more opportunities to make use of the many educational facilities and equipment in our university more effectively and productively. Our students also form a tight university community, where they actively participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities throughout their university lives, and create irreplaceable memories with each other.


Phil Baty, the editor of THE, said:

“When it comes to universities, size matters. For some students big is best, but for others, a small university is the right option. Small universities can potentially offer students a more intimate environment, with more support and attention from lecturers, and more of a chance for students to spend time with the star professors who in bigger universities may simply be too busy. The smaller university can also offer a greater sense of collegiality and community, where students are less likely to get lost in the crowd,” .


THE’s comment on YCU:

The university itself may be small by global standards, but it sits in a large metropolis in Japan. Not to be confused with Yokohama National University, which has more than double the number of students, Yokohama City University has only 4,122 students, and fewer than four students for every teacher. The institution has only two faculties, but manages to attract a significant number of international students: 3 per cent. As a world-class “tinyversity”, we will proudly keep offering practical and international liberal arts education at the international city of Yokohama.