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Outpatient Visitor Guide

Reception Windows by Department

1st Floor

・Information, Cashier, Blood Laboratory
(11)Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Orthodontics
(13)Phychiatric Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
(14)Phychiatric Center Psychiatry
(15)Rheumatic Diseases Center, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, General Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Diagnostic Pathology

2nd Floor

(21)Hematology, Respiratory Disease Center, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism, Breast and Thyroid Surgery
(22)Gastroenterological Center
(23)Cardiovascular Center, Neurology (Medicine), Neurosurgery
(24)Perinatal Center, Gynecology
(25)Children's Medical Center, Urology and Renal Transplantation
(26)Dermatology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
・Outpatient Chemotherapy Room

3rd Floor

(31)Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department
(32)Operation Room, Department of Hemodialysis and Apheresis
・Intensive Care Department (General Intensive Care Unit, High Care Unit), ・Hospital Coordination and Consultation Department

4th Floor

(41)Physiological Laboratory (Electrocardiogram・Ultrasound Exam, Electroencephalography, Pulmonary Function Test)
(42)Radiation Department (X-ray exam, Angiography, CT scan ・MR exam etc)
(43)Anesthesiology, Reproduction Center (Urology, Gynecology)

B2 Floor

Radiation Oncology
・Radioisotope Room, CT scan・Radiation therapy Room

Hours for Reception and Examinations

First-time Visit Reception Hours
Returning Patient Reception Hours
【Without Appointment】7:30~11:30
【With Appointment】7:30~16:00
* Hours for Returning Patient Reception with appointment may vary in each Department and Center.
Examination Hours

Days of Closure

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and New Year Holiday Period
* There may be additional days beyond those described above for individual Departments or Centers. Please ask for details at the Reception Window of each Department.

Please Bring Letters of Reference from other Healthcare Institutions

As a Regional Medical Support Hospital, we actively pursue cooperation with other regional medical institutions in order to properly allot roles. First, please consult medical institutions such as your local clinic (primary doctor, etc.). Then, if it is determined that an examination at our hospital is necessary, please visit us with a Letter of Reference.
Patients with urgent needs can come even without a Letter of Reference. However, in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s standards for medical treatment, there will be a first-time fee for the selected medical care of ¥5,400. in addition to the patient’s self pay for insured treatment.

Please Bring Medical Insurance Cards and Any Other Medical Treatment Certifications

・If we can’t confirm your medical insurance, you may be asked to pay out of pocket.
・Once a month, we check Medical Insurance Cards and membership in the medical insurance system for the elderly aged 75 and over. At your first visit each month, please show your medical insurance card and Treatment Certificate at the Reception of your Department after your examination.
・If there is any change to the personal information on your Medical Insurance Card (including changes to address and name), please inform Outpatient Reception at your Department as soon as possible.

Please Apply for the Following Public Support Systems at the Public Expense Office (1st Floor of Emergency Ward)

・Specialized Disease Treatment
・Self-Supported Treatment (Mental Hospital Visit, Rehabilitation, or Training)
・Welfare, Infectious Disease Law, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, etc.

Regarding Support for Medical Education and Medical Research (Comprehensive Consent Forms)

Because our hospital is affiliated with Yokohama City University, medical and nursing students receive on-site training here, and we also perform clinical research. We ask for your cooperation with medical education and research when you visit our hospital.
The Comprehensive Consent Form is provided at the Outpatient Reception in your Department upon your first visit. Please give the filled-out form to your doctor during your examination.

Flow of Examinations

First Visit Patients

(Patients visiting for the first time, or for whom six months have passed since the last visit)

First Floor Information
・Fill in the examination request form.
・Please present any Letters of Reference and your Medical Insurance Card.
1st Floor Window 1
・Please take a pager and any forms necessary for your visit.
Go to Reception for Applicable Department
・Please take your forms to the Reception in your Department.
・Fill in the medical questionnaire.

Returning Patients

(Patients who have visited the same Department within the last six months)

First Floor Automatic Reception Machine
・Put in your Patient Registration Card, and follow the directions on the screen. When you are finished, you will receive a reception slip, Patient Registration Card, and pager.
・Those who visit without an appointment should contact Reception at their Department.
・You will be called by the pager when it is your turn. Until then, please wait on any floor from B2 to Floor 6.

Examination and Inspection
First Floor Window 3, until 18:00
Please show the folder containing your voucher (given after the examination) at the window.
First Floor Windows 4~9, until 18:00
・You will be called by the pager. Please go to the Cashier Window displayed on the pager with your Patient Registration Card. Once you have paid, you will receive an appointment slip and documents with details.
・Please pay by cash or credit card.
・Please tell us if you do not need a copy of the form with appointment details.
* After 18:00, please pay at the Critical Care and Medical Center Office (1st Floor of Emergency Ward)
* As a general rule at this hospital, we ask that patients visit a community pharmacy to receive their medicine. Please pick up your medicine at a nearby pharmacy that is covered by your insurance within 4 days.

About the Pager

(1)Borrowing the Pager

The pager will display the name of the patient.
Please press the [次ページ(next page)] button. It will change to the screen for the area for your examination.

(2)After pressing [次ページ]

The name of the area for your examination and directions will be displayed. Please wait anywhere on B2, or Floors 1~6 until the pager rings. (For first-time visitors or those without an appointment, please go first to your Department’s Reception.)

(3)When the pager rings

The pager will ring and vibrate when it is time for your examination. Please press the [確認(confirm)] button to make the pager stop.

(4)After pressing [確認]

Please press [次ページ(next page)] and wait outside the examination area of the Department displayed on the screen (in the intermediate waiting room).

* When you go outside of range, the pager will alert you. Please quickly return to within the pager’s range (B2 or Floors 1 through 6).
* The out-of-range alert may appear during busy periods. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please continue waiting.
* Please make sure to press [確認(confirm)] when the pager vibrates and rings.
* Please return the pager when you pay.
* When receiving examinations in multiple Departments on the same day, please press [次ページ(next page)] after each examination ends.

Regarding Patient Registration Card

Please do not forget your Patient Registration Card as it is used to confirm your identity.
If you forget or lose your Patient Registration Card, we ask that you visit Information on the 1st Floor so that a new one may be issued. Please be aware that we charge a fee of ¥200 to issue a new ticket.

Regarding Receipts

We do not re-issue receipts, so please make sure not to lose your copy.

Finding the Hospital

Transportation Methods

By Train
・10 min. walk from Koganecho Station on the Keikyu Line
・5 min. walk from Bandobashi Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line

By Bus, get off at the Urafunechou Stop
・City Buses 68, 102, 158, or 324
・Keikyu Bus 110

By Car
・1.6 km or about 7 min. by Hananoki Ramp
・1.6 km or about 6 min. by Yokohama Park Ramp
・0.5 km or about 2 min. by Bandobashi Ramp


We create a hospital trusted and loved by the citizens.

Basic Policies

1.We respect Patient’s will and provide safe and reliable medical care.
2.We contribute to the local community through emergency medical service and advanced and specialized medical service.
3.We develop high quality medical professionals as a university hospital.
4.We pursue comfortable medical environment and sound management.

Patients’ Rights

1.Everyone can fairly receive high quality health care.
→ This is without discrimination based on social standing, type of illness, religion, or nationality.
2.Your personal information and privacy will be protected.
→ Personal information regarding medical treatment and patients’ privacy is strictly kept private.
3.Patients may receive an explanation of examination results and future health prospects from their doctor. They may also seek a second opinion.
→ If the patient doesn’t understand something, he or she may ask a question and receive a clear explanation. The patient may also seek the opinion of a doctor at another medical institution (a second opinion).
4.Patients take part in treatment they receive and can choose a type of treatment by their own will.
→ A treatment plan will be established based on patients’ willingness to participate. The patient’s volition is deeply respected in determining the method of treatment.

Expectations for Patients

1.Provide the hospital with detailed information regarding your health.
2.Examine the details of your course of treatment.
3.Be considerate towards others and refrain from behavior that disturbs them.
4.On the premises of the hospital, the following are prohibited:
・Speaking loudly or in a harmful way towards others, violence, sit-ins and sexual harassment.
・Selling goods, distributing brochures or other materials, advertising, taking photos, asking for information or donations, and solicitation without permission.
・Carrying dangerous items such as guns, knives, explosives or volatile substances.
・Bringing animals (with the exception of guide dogs).
・Alcohol and cigarettes.
・Anything else that disturbs order in the hospital.
5.As a Regional Medical Support Hospital, we work closely with regional medical facilities and proactively transfer patients among different doctors depending on the state of their illness. We ask for your understanding and consent in this regard. Furthermore, in case of transfers, please make use of private emergency transportation services as we do not use ambulances.
6.Understand that as a University Hospital, we also help educate tomorrow’s medical practitioners, and perform research to further develop medicine.
7.Understand that we respond as necessary when there are referrals from public institutions in times of natural disaster or accidents.

Partnership Between Patients and Medical Care Professionals

Mutual cooperation between patients and the medical care staff leads to high quality medical care.
We publicly display patients’ rights as well as our expectations for patients in order to make them clear.
At this hospital, we aim to construct a partnership between patients and medical staff in order to provide higher quality medical care.

Details and Consent for Care

On the occasion of medical treatment or examination, the doctor will explain the patient’s condition as well as the necessity, effectiveness, and potential dangers of inspection and treatment. After making sure that the patient understands them, we ask him or her to fill in the necessary documents (plan, statement of consent, etc.). If there are any questions, please ask the medical doctor or nurse.

Guide to Second Opinion for Outpatients

“Second opinion” refers to getting the opinion of another medical care facility about your diagnosis and medical care plan. We also provide consultations to patients from other hospitals.
If you are a patient undergoing examination and wish to receive a second opinion from another medical care facility, we encourage you to inform the doctor.
* As a general rule, consultations are limited to the patient himself or herself.

Cases where consultation will not be provided

We will not provide consultations concerning medical consultation fees or consultations regarding medical litigation, complaints and dissatisfaction with care provided at medical facilities.

How to make an appointment

Please call our Regional Consultation Department directly.
* There may be cases where we cannot provide consultation because we do not have a doctor with the necessary specialty, or other reasons.

Fees for consultation

Basic fee for consultation:¥11,070 (60 min. or less)
There are additional fees for review of other materials that are brought.
(Example) CT / MRI:¥4,870, PET:¥4,060, Pathological Diagnosis:¥2,760
For more information please visit the Regional Consultation Department (3rd floor of the Main Tower).

Patient Consultation for a Primary Doctor (No Appointment Necessary)

A “primary doctor” refers to a local doctor whom the patient and his or her family can easily consult regarding illness and health management. If patients regularly consult their primary doctor, then in case of emergency the doctor will be familiar with the patient’s medical history, physical health, and lifestyle, and can thus provide an accurate diagnosis.
As a Regional Medical Support Facility, we provide advanced treatment in emergency care and specialized surgery. When we have stabilized a patient’s condition, we inform his or her primary doctor at the hospital who referred the patient to us.
(Please make use of our services in the following cases.)
・You are looking for a primary doctor in your area.
・You do not know the location or contact information for a medical facility referred to you by your doctor.
・You have concerns or anxieties regarding your diagnosis or treatment, etc.
(How to make use of our services)
If you would like a consultation, please inform your doctor or nurse, or stop by in person.

Specialized Consultation (By Appointment)

The following cases require an appointment. You can either make an appointment at the hospital, or by contacting the Regional Consultation Department by phone.

Medical Social Workers

・For financial questions about healthcare expenses or costs of living.
・For concerns about treatment and returning to society after being discharged from the hospital.
・For information about certification of disability and the nursing care insurance system.
・For medical translation into your native language.

Nurse in Charge of Continuing Care

・Regarding home care
・Regarding medical treatment measures (a doctor or nurse to visit the home, medical equipment, etc.)
・Questions about assisted living, etc.

Cancer Consultation Support Center

The Center deals with consultation about various issues related to cancer for patients and their families.



30 min. or less Free
Up to 3 hrs. ¥300
Each subsequent hour ¥100


Monday to Saturday:8:00~20:30
Sunday / Holidays:13:00~20:30

*Outpatients have a ¥300 maximum per day.
Please show your parking slip at Cashier Window 3 for verification.
* Patients at this hospital with a certified physical disability may park within the designated hours free of charge.
* In all other cases, the standard fees must be paid.

Hospital Facilities

Cafe and Restaurant
1st and 2nd Floors
Store and Vending Machines
1st and 6th Floors
Convenience Store (ATM)
1st Floor
ATM (Bank of Yokohama, Japan Post Bank)
1st Floor
Baby Cribs and Breast Feeding Room
1st and 2nd Floors
Children’s Toilet
2nd Floor
Ostomy Toilet
1st Floor

No Smoking Allowed

All parts of the hospital are completely smoke-free as of April 1st, 2008. We ask that you refrain from smoking.


Use is limited to “Cellphone-friendly Areas.” In other areas, please set your cellphone to silent or vibrate mode and refrain from using it. Please turn off your cellphone when you see the sign for a “No Cellphone Area.”

Visiting the Hospital

Hours for General and Emergency Wards:

Children’s Ward:Everyday 12:00~20:00
* Times for each ward may vary.
* Entrance to the hospital is permitted until 19:30.


Weekdays on the 1st Floor of the Main Tower (In the Emergency Ward after 18:00)
Weekends and Holidays on the 1st Floor of the Emergency Ward
* We ask visitors to sign in at the Reception Window and put on a visitor’s badge.
* Please return your visitor’s badge to Reception when you leave.
* We do not accept inquiries by phone regarding hospital patients.