YCU overseas study program PhD candidate, Imtiaj Hasan, has been promoted to the position of Associate Professor at the University of Rajshahi in Bangladesh

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Top image: The University of Rajshahi's Assoc. Prof. Imtiaj Hasan (left) and Yokohama City University's Prof. Yasuhiro Ozeki (right)


December 22nd, 2017


Mr. Imtiaj Hasan is a PhD student of the Graduate School of Nanobiosciences, Yokohama City University (YCU). He is now in the process of getting his doctorate. Mr. Hasan is also a faculty member of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the University of Rajshahi (RU). The graduate school of YCU recently received good news from RU as Mr. Hasan was promoted to the position of Associate Professor. The application for the promotion was evaluated by a five-member reviewer committee including an external reviewer, and after the review, was approved in the syndicate meeting of the University of Rajshahi on 27th August 2017.


In the PhD program, Mr. Hasan, who already has a Master of Philosophy degree, is studying the glycobiology and appoptosis of cancer cells through the binding between Gb3 glycan on cells and a mussel lectin MytiLec in YCU since October 2012. He was awarded the prestigious MEXT scholarship till 2016. During this study, he has achieved 6 first author articles and book chapters, whereby 2 of these articles were published in a high ranked journal having impact factors over 3.5 in addition to a newspaper article. Travel grants from international symposiums were twice awarded to him, and he published 24 co-authored research articles in Bangladesh and Japan. YCU is very pleased with his promotion while in the PhD program, even before getting the doctoral degree.

Interview with Imtiaj Hasan:

“Getting close with Professor S. M. Abe Kawsar (who also studied at YCU to get his PhD degree and post-doc research through 2005-2011) from the Department of Chemistry, University of Chittagong in Bangladesh during his JSPS International Fellowship for Research in Japan (FY2015) was an invaluable experience for me”, said Mr. Hasan. Both Assoc. Prof. Hasan and Prof. Kawsar studied under the same supervisor, Professor Yasuhiro Ozeki, at YCU. “Collaboration with Prof. Kawsar for 10 months at the same laboratory was very helpful for me to be able to associate well with each other in both research and communications, even after going back to our country,” said Mr. Hasan. He further added, “I was very honored and encouraged by hearing the news that another YCU alumni, Dr. Yuki Fujii, who was also supervised by Prof. Ozeki, has also been promoted as a Senior Assistant Professor in Nagasaki International University.”


“The YCU international retreat program (2-8th March 2015) was also very inspiring for me. It allowed me to have a chance to introduce and present my research in front of outstanding scientists from University of California, San Diego and Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in California, USA. I was introduced to the global view through the warm encouragement and hospitality of Dr. Hiroko Yamazaki, the director of YCU’s California office.”

Members of Ozeki Laboratory with the University of Chittagong's Prof. S. M. Abe Kawsar (far right)

In Rajshahi District, Bangladesh in 2017

“Considering the bringing up of human resource is very important, especially in a country like Bangladesh which has the highest population density in the world, the field of biological science lacks expertise and funding in developing countries but is slowly becoming stronger”, said Mr. Hasan. “After getting this promotion, I should be more responsible and committed to our University to develop the educational and research environment for our students. I appreciate YCU very much for giving me the opportunity to further my studies. I also expect that the inter-University relationship between YCU and RU will develop day by day, not only through the PhD programs, but also through research collaborations and arranging rewarding development programs in the near future.”

Yokohama is a fascinating port city with splendid urban and natural views, and Yokohama City University is an honorable university for the students and citizens, which was evaluated to be the 16th best small university in the world at 2016 by the prominent researches, providing high quality educational programs and population on the number of overseas students by World University Ranking. If you have the mindset to adapt with Japanese culture and are enthusiastic in making friends with Japanese students, I believe that your overseas study program will be very comfortable.”

Encouragement from supervisor, YCU Prof. Yasuhiro Ozeki:

These two foreign students who studied under my supervision throughout their PhD program were also the faculty members of their representative universities in Bangladesh. I accepted their applications to study here rather swiftly, as they both seemed like very capable, ambitious, hopeful, and intelligent individuals. Their high research competency can be recognized with the publications of 48 collaborative research articles by international journals within this decade (2008 to 2017). I hope for them to continue to cooperate with each other in both their researches and education, as they are both representatives of their universities in Bangladesh. YCU welcomes students who are recommended by them to join our university community, pursue their research interests, as well as be a part of a unique cultural exchange experience only found in our university.