Graduate School of International Management




The goal of the Graduate School of International Management is to foster in the students the ability to identify problems, find solutions and make presentations. Students gradually acquire expertise that will give them an edge in global fields. One characteristic of the school is that it offers a special research program in Service Science through which students conduct research on the service business, a sector that has been rising in importance, in a professional and scientific manner.

Diploma Policy: 

Master's Program

Our master’s program seeks to develop students into COOs (chief operating officers), CFOs (chief financial officers), and CIOs (chief information officers) who will support improvements to a company’s future competitiveness and its overseas development from within the company, or the leaders of the staff of an international finance or overseas development division or of the staff of an organization or consulting company that ofers this type of support to other companies.

Diploma Policy: 

Doctoral Program

Our doctoral program aims to develop students into individuals who can use innovative approaches to tackle unsolved problems faced by companies as they develop overseas.
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