Message from the President

I became president in April after taking over the post from my predecessor, Tsutomu Fuse. Amid economic and social globalization and ongoing competition among universities, YCU must both foster global human resources capable of being active on the world stage, and contribute to the community as an urban societal infrastructure in Yokohama. Though university reform to date has chiefly promoted institutional initiatives, from now on I believe improvement in quality is necessary. I will promote improved quality in education, research, and medical care, including greater practical English in schools, high-quality graduate education backed by research, and enhanced medical treatment functions and even more advanced medical treatment at hospitals that anticipate society’s needs.

YCU began incorporating global education ahead of other universities in FY2005, but going forward I hope to boost development of the university’s distinctive attributes. I am certain that YCU’s presence will grow by further reinforcing, and sharing with as many people as possible, our initiatives that leverage the characteristics unique to YCU, such as the Advanced Medical Research Center that conducts world-class research in medicine and life sciences, the Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities that strives to resolve urban issues concentrated in Asia, and the program to achieve a Center of Community (COC) program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “Yokohama, Environmental City of the Future.”

Yoshinobu Kubota

President, Yokohama City University