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Andrew Brown


Andrew G. Brown holds an MA TESOL from Sookmyung Graduate School of Education (Seoul), and a BA in English Literature from the University of Washington (Seattle). Before joining Yokohama City University, Andrew taught academic English at various universities across Tokyo, and practiced in South Korea for four years, where he taught at the secondary level with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. Andrew’s published research pertains to learner-learner feedback and interaction, with a focus on scaffolding and mediational strategies in relation to current language learning theory and practice. Future research aims to explore this theme in the mobile messaging environment.


When someone asks me “What is the best way to learn English?” I give them my favorite motto: use it or lose it.

What does this mean? For me, learning a new skill is easy, but forgetting a new skill is easy too. So, in order to master a new skill, we need to use it as much as we can. In my class, you will use many types of English skills meaningfully and work together on various tasks. You will also learn the best strategies for continuing your English journey outside of the classroom and in your future.

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