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Patients' rights and roles

Our philosophy is to be a “hospital that you, as a citizen, can rely on from the bottom of your heart". To achieve this, we believe it is important to build a good partnership between patients and medical staff. This is because it is effective for patients and medical staff to cooperate with each other under a common purpose in the medical process aimed at restoring health. In addition, our hospital is a university hospital whose major mission is to "foster high-quality medical staff", and to achieve this, patient cooperation is indispensable. Based on this idea, we clarify patients’ rights and roles as follows, and aim to build a better partnership.

Patients’ Rights

・ Right to be respected as an individual and receive fair, high-quality medical care
We respect individuals’ personalities, and as a patient, you have an equal right to receive good medical care regardless of age, gender, beliefs, disabilities, etc.

・ Right to receive adequate explanations
As a patient, you have the right to receive adequate explanations until you understand the effectiveness, risks and availability of other treatments for your procedures/surgeries and examinations. You also have the right to seek a second opinion from a doctor with another medical institution.

・ Right to participate in medical treatment and make your own decisions
As a patient, you have the right to participate in the process of developing your own medical treatment plan, express your opinion and make decisions with good trust.

・ Right to know about the medical care you receive
As a patient, if you have any questions about the medical care you are receiving, you can ask the medical staff questions and receive information about your care. Patients also have the right to request disclosure of medical records.

・ Right to have your privacy protected
As a patient, you have the right to strictly protect your medical and personal information, as well as your privacy.

Patients’ Roles / Our Requests for Patients

・ Please be sure to convey accurate information about your physical condition.
・ Please tell us your medical preferences directly and proactively.
・ Please cooperate when we ask you for identity verification.
・ Please be careful not to interfere with medical care of other patients.
・ Please understand that some medical personnel are still in training and need our support.

Yokohama City University Hospital Children’s Charter

Children are respected as a human being.

Children can receive the best, optimal medical care.

Children can receive explanations about their illness and treatment that match their age and level of understanding, and can be protected from unnecessary tests and treatment.

Children can communicate their own ideas about their illness and treatment to hospital staff and family members.

Children can ask and talk to hospital staff and family members about their concerns and what they don’t understand.

Children are provided with care that alleviates physical, emotional and social anguish.

Children can engage in play and education that suit their age and symptoms.

Children’s privacy is protected.

When requested for cooperation in research, children can decide on their own whether to cooperate upon receiving sufficient explanation.