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A Message from the Hospital Director, Michiko Aihara

Yokohama City University Hospital was established in 1991. Our hospital is guided by our mission statement, which commits us to providing “advanced, secure medical care” and “training high-quality healthcare professionals” as “a hospital that the public can truly rely on.”

As an advanced treatment hospital, we carry out advanced and safe medical care, in addition to developing highly advanced medical technology. Being a hospital with highly developed and integrated clinical capabilities, we have also been designated as a “Japan Medical Functional Assessment Certified Hospital.”

As a public university hospital, we strive to provide world-class medical education to nurture the medical leaders of the future. We have assembled experts in a wide range of specialized medical fields who are committed to providing the best possible medical treatment in terms of quality and safety.

Finally, progress in medical care depends on the cooperation of our patients. It is with this in mind that we provide reliable medical-care services to patients.

Michiko Aihara,
Director, Yokohama City University Hospital, A Public University Corporation