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Message from the hospital dean

As stated in our philosophy, the mission of our hospital is to "train high-quality medical personnel" as well as to “provide advanced and safe medical care" to everyone as "a hospital that Yokohama citizens can rely on from bottom of your hearts”.

As a “Special Function Hospital”, this hospital also trains medical personnel so that they acquire highly advanced skills. We are also certified as “Designated cancer hospitals” (by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), and as “Baby Friendly Hospital" (by the World Health Organization). As these recognitions show, we are the hospital with advanced and comprehensive functions in many specialized fields. We are also making daily efforts to promote the safety measures to the utmost level.

As the hospital affiliated to the only public medical school in Kanagawa prefecture, we aim to provide the best education in order to develop excellent medical leaders in the future. In order to achieve that, we have experts in each specialized field and strive to provide the best care in terms of quality and safety. Many medical, nursing, and other healthcare students are learning here, and we are grateful that their education is proceeding smoothly with the cooperation of our patients.

Medical care cannot proceed without the cooperation of patients. Here at the Yokohama City University Hospital, patients and their family are an essential part of our medical team. We understand each other, proceed together, and enhance one another.

Takahisa Goto,
Director, Yokohama City University Hospital, A Public University Corporation