Current Issues Circle Ⅲ~キャサリンと現代社会を語ろうⅢ~


What bothers you about life these days? What issues you would like to discuss with others? Join our Current Issues Circle to share your concerns. The class is open to participants of any level of English. Participants are encouraged to “agree to disagree”. Normally we divide into groups for discussion, occasionally role play or debate. The teacher will provide topical texts to start off the week’s theme. The course goal is to provide a chance to discuss everyday issues in English with people from different backgrounds. An opportunity to be aware of positive initiatives, consider the roots of some of the problems facing our modern world and share our dreams for the future. This is a Circle where participants can improve their communication skills while sharing their concerns, learning from each other, and perhaps picking up tips on how to live more positively.


日時 2019年11月1日〜2020年1月24日
金曜日  12:50〜14:20(全10回)
会場 横浜市立大学 金沢八景キャンパス
講師 Catharine Nagashima (元 横浜市立大学非常勤講師)
企画監修 鈴木 伸治(横浜市立大学国際教養学部教授)
受講対象 学生 一般
受講料 全10回 16,100円 


tel045-787-8930(受付時間:平日 9:30~16:30)