Beatrix Potter and the Peter Rabbit Stories 2 ビアトリクス・ポター と ピーターラビット 2


It is one hundred and fifty years since the birth of Beatrix Potter. This course provides an opportunity to re-read some of the Peter Rabbit Tales, as well as her nursery rhymes. The first course focused on her early books, published between 1902 and 1907. This second course will focus on books published from 1908 onwards. The language of Beatrix Potter is sophisticated and she gives a sense of story. Small children may not understand every word, but they enjoy the rhythm, the vocabulary colours their imagination, and like poetry and nursery rhymes, certain phrases remains with them for life. Each week we will take up one story. We shall consider the author’s situation at the time of writing the tale, and take note of the fauna and flora of the countryside and seasonal activities.

日時 2016年9月30日〜2016年12月9日
金曜日  14:30〜16:00(全10回)
会場 横浜市立大学 金沢八景キャンパス
講師 長島 キャサリン (横浜市立大学 非常勤講師)
受講対象 一般 Beatrix Potter著の「ピーターラビット」を原文で味わってみたい方〈中級レベル〉
受講料 全10回 18,600円 (部分受講不可) ※本学卒業生は割引になりますので、お申し出ください。