Forum for Ecological Living -Basic Daily Life Needs- エコ生活広場(日常生活)


This course is part of the series “Forum for Ecological Living”. This time the focus is on basic daily life needs and what really makes us feel happy to be alive.
The course is through the medium of English. Keywords related to the topic of the day will be introduced during each class. There will be opportunities for open discussion, presentations to the class, and viewing of excerpts from films and DVDs. Recent news articles and magazine excerpts are introduced to the class, and participants are encouraged to bring material to share. Different opinions are welcomed; the policy is to “agree to disagree”. For the first class we shall introduce ourselves, to encourage rapport between participants.

日時 2014年11月7日〜2015年1月30日
金曜日  14:30〜16:00(全10回)
予備日:平成27年2月6日(金) 14:30〜16:00
会場 横浜市立大学 金沢八景キャンパス
講師 長島 キャサリン(横浜市立大学 非常勤講師)
受講対象 一般 環境に関する英語のディスカッションに参加できる方(中級レベル)
受講料 全10回 17,300円(部分受講不可)