Holidays Around the World Part 2 世界の祝祭日2


This is the second part of “Holidays Around the World”. In this class, we will discuss various holidays, festivals and cultural events in other countries. We will hear from the teacher, then discuss questions and imagine any similarities and differences between these events and Japanese culture if possible. Each class will focus on a different month of the year.
By the end of the class, students will have been able to listen and discuss various holidays, festivals and events from around the world. Because of limited time, the class will focus on holidays from the latter half of the year from July to December

日時 2014年9月30日〜2014年12月2日
火曜日  12:50〜14:20(全10回)
予備日:12月9日(火) 12:50〜14:20
会場 横浜市立大学 金沢八景キャンパス
講師 Matthew Burton(横浜市立大学 英語専任教員)
受講対象 一般 異文化に関する英語のディスカッションをしたい方(中級レベル)
受講料 全10回 17,300円 (部分受講不可)