Basic Policy

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To become a university that provides practical and international liberal arts education


YCU's basic philosophy of promoting education focuses on the following three principles:emphasis on education, student-centeredness, and local contribution.

Emphasis on education

YCU strives to produce graduates with problem-solving abilities who seek to find and explore various problems and issues for themselves.

* Curriculum designed to produce graduates with a broad education combined with advanced specialized abilities

* Educational mentorship to promote leadership qualities essential for students to bear responsibility for the future society of the 21st century

* Acquisition of skills to give an international perspective as appropriate for the continually developing international City of


YCU strives to place constant emphasis on students' career development, and offers various support programs responsive to student needs.

* A continuing career development support system from university entrance until graduation that considers current social affairs

* Inclusion of career development programs such as field work, internships etc, in the curriculum

* A fully-realized student counseling and educational mentorship system that places emphasis on close dialog with students while mindful of future directions

Local contribution

As a university significant to the City of Yokohama, YCU continues to advance with further contributions to the local region.

* Close ties to the local community, making contributions through offering diverse lifelong learning courses, local citizens' courses, establishment of a medical health forum etc

* Further promotion of partnership with industry through management of intellectual assets, joint research etc

* Improvement of safety management policies and patient services to enhance community medicine in the local area and offer advanced, safe medical treatment services to residents


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