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Yokohama City University attracts and welcomes excellent students from all around the world, building a great bridge between the city of Yokohama and the world.
Today we invited two exchange students from the University of Vienna to talk about the significance of studying at YCU and their fulfilling campus life.

YCU offers "closeness" to people and the world

Luisa: We had several universities to choose among Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. I chose YCU because of its international department since I heard a lot about it. We have many people in the University of Vienna who came here as exchange students before.

Andreas: I had an internship in the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna. I asked the professor which school would be good for exchange, and he recommended this university. I also heard good things about Yokohama city so I thought YCU had the perfect setting for international students.

Luisa: Yes, YCU is relatively small compared to other universities in Japan. YCU is compact and easy to access.

Andreas: When you go to bigger universities, you would typically have contact only with foreign students. But here you bump into people you know by walking around the campus.

Luisa: Classes are small so professors are dedicated to their classes and give interesting lectures. That’s a very special thing about YCU.

Andreas: I agree. For instance, we had to write papers on our interests to professors before coming here. When I arrived here and met my professor for the first time, he had already prepared 3 books to lend me to deepen my understanding. It was a very nice surprise!

It all started with…

ー What drew you to Japan in the first place?

Luisa: It began with Manga. Then I started to become interested in Japanese history and started learning the language. It was a natural process, one after another.

Andreas: As for me, the aura of the Samurai fascinated me as a child. Then I started reading Japanese literature such as Haruki Murakami when I was in high school. And I wanted to be able to read it in Japanese.

Luisa: We got to know people from China, Korea, Vietnam and other countries here at YCU. What other people from other countries think about Japan has become another great interest of mine.
In the future I would like to continue my Japanese studies with a master course and work for a few years in Japan. I want to work in an international environment where I can use my Japanese skills.


Andreas: I also became friends with a Chinese student here and we discussed a lot of things with our Japanese professor. It is a great learning experience for me to hear opinions that are so different from ours. After here I would like to work in the Japanese Studies department in the University of Vienna. I’m also studying international economics so I want to work for an international organization such as the EU or UN in the future.


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