YCU Science Summer Program 2015

In 2015, the program was organized by Graduate School of International Management, and thirteen students from three cooperating universities in Asia joined in this program.

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【DAY 4 (July 17, 2015)】

Sessions (Kanazawa Hakkei Campus)

■ Science Session 4: Green Innovation and the Future of Energy Design

Mr. Takuya Onishi (Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University)
Green Innovation Research Team, YCU

After a self-introduction, Mr. Onishi, Associate Professor of Keio University, introduced various social contribution activities he works on as the co-founder of ENERGY MEET Co., Ltd.
Students appeared to be fascinated as Professor Onishi talked about the various activities which were oriented around Asia, which, to give some examples, included manufacturing and donating floating solar generators in the shape of a water strider to educational institutes in Thailand, and participating in a design festival held in Bangkok where he exhibited "Zero Impact Information Billboard", an electronic billboard made with recycled plastic bottles.

In the workshop following the lecture, Associate Professor Onishi asked the students to draw their image of an “Energy City in the Future” on parchment paper. Students worked on the assignment while discussing ideas on the cities to create with each other, and occasionally receiving advice from Associate Professor Onishi.

■ Interchange Session 1: Introduction of Own Culture

Dr. Fumiaki Yasukawa (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

International students and a student representing YCU gave presentations on their home countries and regions. The session was a valuable opportunity for students to learn real life information of foreign areas that they would never know as a tourist.

  ▲ Japan                ▲ Tanzania
   (YCU Student)             (YCU International Student)

  ▲ Vietnam               ▲ Hong Kong
   (YCU International Student)        (City University of Hong Kong)

  ▲ Hong Kong              ▲ Philippines
   (City University of Hong Kong)       (City University of Hong Kong)

  ▲ Canada                ▲ Pakistan
   (City University of Hong Kong)       (City University of Hong Kong)

  ▲ China
   (City University of Hong Kong)

■ Interchange Session 2: Prospects of the Student Interchange of Business Field in Asia

Ms. Greeja Hemalata De Silva (Sunway University, Malaysia)
Mr. Ravi Varmman Kanniappan (HELP University, Malaysia)

Dr. Fumiaki Yasukawa (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

Ms. Silva started her lecture with the topic of education. After describing her thoughts on the role of education, efficient learning, and the like, she picked out a number of international students to express their own opinions.

After listening to the opinions from the students, she explained the significance of the ability to understand culture in the context of business, and pointed out the potentials of multiculturalism and student exchange programs in developing such ability.
Following Ms. Silva, Mr. Ravi gave a lecture summarizing the state of globalization of higher education, focusing on education in Asia, which is undergoing globalization at a particularly rapid pace.

■ Achievement 2: Workshop

Dr. Reuben Mondejar (Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Chris Chu (University of Surrey, UK)
Dr. Jun Onishi (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

Students were given time to prepare for the presentations on Day 5 (final day). Some groups were seen working hard until the venue was closed.



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