YCU Science Summer Program 2013

The fusion of different disciplines of life, material and medical sciences creates the innovative prospects

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Fifth Day—August 23 (Friday)

Lecture No. 10 — “The future of the World, what are the problems, what are the positive perspectives: Let's look at the facts”

Ruggero Micheletto, Professor, Graduate School of Nanobiosystems

 Professor Micheletto gave a lecture on the mechanisms of light and sensation from the standpoint of a physicist. He stressed that in the future material sciences and life sciences will continue to merge together and develop into a new science. He also wanted the students to realize that they were the ones who would be in charge of this important new science.


 After all the lectures and practical classes were finished, students from abroad and YCU students held a report meeting. Students from the University of the Philippines, which partnered with YCU this year, students from other countries, and YCU students announced the outcomes of participating in the program.

Closing Ceremony

 At the closing ceremony, YCU President Tsutomu Fuse gave the students some words of encouragement and presented certificates of completion to all students. Commemorative photos were taken and the YCU Science Summer Program 2013 came to a close.