Science Summer Program 2012 - Fourth Day

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Fourth Day—August 16 (Thursday)

Practical Class 3: Development and Regeneration of Vertebrate Embryos

Hideho Uchiyama (Ph.D.), Prof., Graduate School of Nanobioscience, YCU

To give students a deeper understanding of the stem cell research that would be introduced in the afternoon, Dr. Hideho Uchiyama, an animal embryologist, gave a presentation on the embryonic development of birds, and the students engaged in morphological observation.

Training Description
By observing the gradual development of bird embryos using a high-performance microscope, the students were able to learn how the bodies of animals are constructed (body plan). In the end, a commemorative photo was taken with a chicken embryo in the background.

Lecture 10: Stem Cell Research from Frog to Human being

Makoto Asashima (Ph.D.), Emeri. Prof., the University of Tokyo and YCU; Director of Research Center for Stem Cell Engineering, AIST

The students visited the Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo and listened to a talk about the future of regenerative research by Dr. Makoto Asashima, a global pioneer in the field of developmental and regenerative biology. Dr. Asashima, who has won the Japan Academy Prize and Imperial Prize, is a professor emeritus at both the University of Tokyo and Yokohama City University.

The students were presented with important research results and fascinating topics that Dr. Asashima became familiar with over many years of research. The students were surprised to learn how many cells divide in a single second in the human body, and they learned about efforts to create pancreatic cells—which are closely related to the treatment of diabetes—from the stem cells of mice. After the lecture, each of the students was able to visit Tokyo Sky Tree, Akihabara, Shibuya or other places. These tours of Tokyo are unique to the summer program.