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Voices of Participating Students

* I was very interested in the topics of food crises and HIV. These are both issues that are extremely relevant to present-day science and technology, and I think we need to solve problems harmoniously through research.

* The hospital tour made the biggest impression on me. It gave me a more thorough understanding of the people who work in Japanese medicine, and this will be very useful to me in future.

* I gained a more thorough understanding of things I didn’t learn at school, such as bio-information and regenerative medicine. I realized that these are also relevant to my studies.

* It was a very significant experience, as I had the chance to learn many things I didn’t know before. What particularly interested me was the topic of environmental impact by things like oil, and this made me want to think more deeply about the recent oil spill catastrophe.

* Being able to meet professionals from different fields in the lectures, practicals and other programs will be of great value to my future research and career, I think. I learnt that various background factors have contributed to present-day problems.

* I lacked specialist knowledge, but learnt about various types of research, and I think this will be very useful in my future course selection. Also, I felt that, even though I’ve cleared PE, this was not enough for communication in English. It made me want to study harder.

* The presence of people from different cultures and religions helped me to learn more about them.

* I realized how enjoyable it is to be able to speak English.

* This was a wonderful chance to make use of the knowledge I’ve learned until now. I think more students should take part.

* I wanted to hear the opinions of people from other disciplines. (On food problems, for example: students studying agriculture.)

* I want it to be held in winter, spring and autumn as well!