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Research & development projects and Biobank system

Advanced Medical Research Center promotes research & development projects for the development of advanced treatments and drug discovery based on the identifi cation of the cause of cancer, life-style related diseases, and immunologic diseases. The Center has established a Biobank system by which information and specimens such as blood and tissues of patients in the University Hospital can be provided for researchers with suffi cient safety precautions in a way that is not disadvantageous to patients. From now on, we aim to return the benefi t of research results to society.

Advanced Medical Research Center

Advanced Medical Research Center was positioned as part of "Promotion of measures against cancer" project in the Mid-term plan of City of Yokohama (from FY2006 to FY2010), and was founded for the purpose of establishing a translational research system that introduces excellent research results in experimental medicine to clinical settings such as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.