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A comprehensive basic agreement has been entered into with business representatives for the purpose of linking the seeds of staff research to community needs.

Date agreement concluded Partner Institution
2012.1.31 National Institute of Health Sciences
2011.12.1 TRI bank Miura Fujisawa
2011.6.1 TOSHIBA CORPORATION Corporate Maufacturing Engineering Center
2011.4.1 Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2011.2.14 Yokohama Waterworks Bureau
2009.12.3 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences(JIRCAS)
2009.3.26 FUJIFILM Corporation
2009.3.17 RIKEN Yokohama Institute
2007.11.22 CIMMYT
2007.5.16 National Institute of Radiological Sciences
2007.1.12 The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
2006.3.22 Yokohama National University
2005.11.29 RIKEN Yokohama Institute
2004.11.12 NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
2004.8.4 The Yokohama Shinkin Bank
2004.8.4 Pharmaceutical Consortium for Protein Structure Analysis (PCProt)
2003.6.25 Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.