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Privacy Policy

Public University Corporation Yokohama City University (“YCU” hereinafter) recognizes the importance of personal information, and has established a policy concerning how we handle the personal information we obtain through our website as follows:

Collecting Personal Information

When collecting personal information on our website, YCU clearly discloses and declares the purpose of such colelction on the applicable website.

Using Personal Information

We will use the personal information you register only for analyzing your comments and access logs, unless otherwise specified. However, we may disclose such personal information if we are required to do so by law, if we have obtained your consent in advance, or if disclosure is necessary in order to assure the security of YCU.

Handling and Managing Personal Information

YCU manages your registered personal information in an appropriate manner necessary to assure the security of such information, and ensures that your information is managed properly on a regular basis. YCU also implements appropriate measures for improvement when necessary.

Using Cookies

A cookie is a string of information transmitted from our web server to your computer. When a cookie is used, our web server can record information such as which computer visited which pages of the website. In this case, YCU cannot identify an individual although we can recognize the IP address of the computer that a visitor uses. Cookies are enabled by most browsers in the default setting, but you can disable cookies or have a warning displayed when accepting cookies by changing the settings.


If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at the Public Relations Section of the General Administration Office, Yokohama City University. (Posted on April 1, 2007)