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YCU has established a community action center for matching university resources to the needs of the local community outside the university and is assertively contributing to the community by training individuals with skills that the community needs and by giving back to society by contributing research results and intellectual resources.

Giving back to the community by contributing intellectual resources

In response to the community’s desire for knowledge, Yokohama City University uses its intellectual resources to hold a variety of lifelong learning classes.

Contributing to the improvement of the community’s medical services

To improve local medical services, Yokohama City University promotes patient-oriented care and strengthens its ties to local medical institutions.

Improving local medical services

Yokohama City University contributes to the improvement of local medical services by increasing the capacity of its medical department to provide more workers for local medicine and introducing and recommending doctors to local medical institutions.

Giving back to industry by contributing research results

In addition to assertively sharing technological knowledge with the community and industry, Yokohama City University contributes to the development of new technologies and the resolution of problems faced by the community.

Training by academic departments and through graduate education

Yokohama City University trains individuals who will support society, who can practically research and solve problems facing the country, and who can spread the fruits of their education and research throughout the world.

Making facilities available to the public

Yokohama City University assertively makes its university facilities available to the public and works to interact with and contribute to the community.


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