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A university contributing to local communities

The University aims to be a University that recognizes the importance of moving in step with communities and regions, that is highly valued for its transparency and openness, and that is warmly regarded by all.

Local Contribution Center

Yokohama City University has established a community action center for matching university resources to the needs of the local community outside the university and is assertively contributing to the community by training individuals with skills that the community needs and by giving back to society by contributing research results and intellectual resources.

Extension courses for the public

Contributing to the improvement of the community’s medical services

To improve local medical services, Yokohama City University promotes patient-oriented care and strengthens its ties to local medical institutions.

Kanazawa International Lounge

Kanazawa International Lounge has been doing various kinds of activities for foreigners since April, 2010 as a subcontractor from the Kanazawa ward office in Kanazawa Hakkei campus, Yokohama City University.
Japanese classes became one of the subcontractor work since the year of 2010.

University facilities


YCU in the Community