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Course NameMulticultural Seminar (Global Communications)
InstructorShimauchi, Sae
MajorMulticultural Seminar
Course goals1. Students will be able to obtain the knowledge of current issues in Japanese society and analyze, and explain it with multi-dimension. 2. Student will be able to express your own idea in English as an international lingua franca and acquire good discussion skills and presentation skills.
Course outlineThis seminar focuses on enriching students' communicative skills through Japan Studies with global perspective. It is designed to give students practice in thinking critically and participating in academic discussion in English. In the latter half of the semester, students will be given tasks to have group presentations on topic they choose in the field of Japan Studies that is attracting worldwide attention today including Japanese social issues, business, education and contemporary and traditional Japanese culture. The ultimate goal of this seminar is to enable students to become aware of Japan's place in the world and share their knowledge about Japan with others to promote international exchange and to join intercultural academic sphere. Oversea guest speaker will be invited for two times. Each class will consist of lecture by the instructor and group discussion by students. Power point presentation and visual materials like films and documentaries will be used to facilitate the understanding on the topic. Students will have a plenty time of discussion on the each topic introduced first half of the lecture and will deepen their knowledge and thought on the issues. For the first 7weeks, reading materials will be handed to students each week and students will read academic or journalistic papers and critically review them as a preparation for the discussion. Each student will be required to take an active part in weekly group discussions based on the homework assigned. In addition, students will be given a lot of opportunity to express their views in class. So, try very hard not to miss any class meetings.
Evaluation Scale and Policies- Attendance 10% - Participation 40% - Group Presentation 30% - Final Exam 20%
PrerequisitesThis class will be entirely conducted in English. Students will be highly encouraged to participate in discussion and exchange their opinions to develop their communication skill. Grades will be decided heavily on students' contribution to a discussion and a presentation given by students. To register this course, students are required to have passed a Practical English course. Oversea experience or academic background will be also taken into consideration.
Texts, materials, and suppliesAssigned reading materials relating to topics are to be read prior to class.
RemarkStudents who fail to attend and who are late more than three classes in a row will be failed to obtain the credit of this class without reliable evidence of extraneous circumstances.
Course Schedule/PlanWeek1: Class Introduction
Week 2: Social Issues in Japan
Gender, Family System and Principle of Self-Responsibility
Week 3: Globalization and Language
‘Linguistic Imperialism', ‘World Englishes' and ‘Pluriilingualism'
Week 4: GS session #1
Week 5: Pop Culture, Cultural Essentialism and Diversity
Comparative Analysis on East Asian culture
Week 6: International Mobility
Studying Abroad and Intercultural Exchange
Week 7: Historical Recognition
War Responsibility of the Citizens, the Military and the Emperor
Week 8: Preparation for Group Presentation
Week 9: GS session #2
Week 10: Group Presentation
Week 11: Group Presentation
Week 12: Group Presentation
Week 13: Group Presentation
Week 14: Group Presentation
Week 15: Final Exam and Course Wrap-up