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Course NameMulticultural Seminar (Japan from Foreigner's View)b
InstructorTerrill, Brennen / Shimauchi Sae
MajorMulticultural Seminar
Course goalsBy the end of the course you will: Have improved your speaking and listening comprehension skills, be able to give and support your opinion about practical issues in Japan, and present your arguments with logical reasoning.
Course outlineThis class will be a discussion and lecture seminar focusing on Japan from the foreigners' perspective. In this course we will discuss the crucial social issues faced by Japan. With comparative point of views of various perspectives, essential knowledge and discourse about each social issue will be provided to the students in the beginning of class. Based on these essentials, students will bring their own discussion points through critical thinking, organizing and presenting their thoughts in each class. Please note that this course will be conducted entirely in English and all students are required to participate in discussion. News stories and audio-visual aids will be utilized. Three guest speakers from various countries will be invited to give their views on Japan (Week 5, 8 and 12).
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesGrades will be based on the following: Attendance 20% Participation 30%: preparation and contribution on discussion Discussion Journal* 20%: originality and logical reasoning Group presentation 15%: participation and originality Final in-class essay exam 15%: comprehensive writing task requiring logical reasoning and structure * Discussion Journal Students are required to write a "Discussion Journal" after each class by the end of the each week (Saturday night). It should be a minimum of 300 words in English, in which you state your argument and opinion.
PrerequisitesThe number of students will be limited to 24. A short essay will be assigned for screening in case the number of students is over 24. Students will be divided into two classes according to their background information collected during the first class meeting.
Texts, materials, and suppliesNo set textbook. Copies of important reading materials will be given ahead of each week.
Course Schedule/PlanEach class will consist of 90 minutes of lecture and discussion. Active participation of students is expected on each class.
Week1: Class Introduction
Short-essay writing, interviews and grouping
Week 2: Gender differences
Is there any difference between men and women?
Week 3: The Art of Tattoo
Body art in the West and East, how perspectives vary
Week 4: National Boundaries
Territorial issues from different perspectives
Week 5: Guest Speaker #1
Presentation by guest speaker & discussion
Week 6: Education
Internationalization and foreign language learning
Week 7: Immigration
Citizenship and Nationalities
Week 8: Guest Speaker #2
Presentation by guest speaker & discussion
Week 9: Preparation for group presentation
Learning research methods & grouping
Week 10: Social Life
International marriage, Work-Life Balance and Naming
Week 11: Yasukuni, Historical Recognition, and Responsibility
Historical and modern issues revolving around the Pacific War
and its aftermath
Week 12: Guest Speaker #3
Presentation by guest speaker & discussion
Week 13: Group Presentation
Week 14: Group Presentation
Week 15: Course Wrap-up and Final Essay Exam