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Course NameMulticultural Seminar (Research about Japan by Foreigners)
InstructorNarum, Paul
MajorMulticultural Seminar
Course goals
Course outlineThis class is aimed at students deemed proficient in using English at a college-level class. Not only does that mean written knowledge, but also a special emphasis on speaking and listening. All students will be urged to express their own opinions actively and freely, and will be graded accordingly. The theme of this course is research on Japan by foreigners in general, and especially graduate students (mostly American) now in Japan. We will take advantage of our university's special relationship with the Inter-University Center (IUC) in MM21, a language-training institution primarily for American and Canadian graduate students in Japan-related fields. Those students will be invited to come to the university to lecture one at a time about their fields of specialty, with a discussion session to be held afterwards. Reports and presentations will be assigned outside of class. One day in late May will be reserved for a trip to IUC to see the actual facilities there. Through this course it is hoped that the YCU students will gain a broader understanding of their own country, both in an academic and a general sense, via the unique perspective offered by the guest speakers. Another purpose is to simulate a college-level class in the United States, both in terms of course offerings and class participation.
Evaluation Scale and Policies
Texts, materials, and supplies
Course Schedule/Plan