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Course NameTopics in Modern Psychopathology
InstructorYoung, Jerome
MajorLiberal Arts Core Subjects
Course goalsThe goal of this class is to introduce students to central topics in modern psychopathology.
Course outlineThis class will introduce students to the major classes of mental illnesses, e.g. schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety, and eating disorders. We will be concerned with how mental abnormality is defined, paying particular attention to the main classification systems (the ICD and the DSM), and will examine fundamental issues raised by the classification and diagnosis of mental illness. While we will be concerned with basic factual knowledge needed to understand the key features of the major mental illnesses, we will also be interested in exploring how these illnesses impact a patient's behavior and how society responds to them. Extensive use of case studies, from source books and videos, will help students to gain a solid understanding of psychopathology.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesFinal grades will be based on attendance, active class participation, successful completion of all homework assignments, presentations, and a final report.
Texts, materials, and suppliesPhotocopies of course readings and worksheets will be distributed in class.
Course Schedule/PlanWeek1: Introduction
Week2: A Framework for Scientific Psychopathology
Week3: Classification and Paradigms of Abnormal Behavior (The ICD & DSM)
Week4: The Nature of Schizophrenia
Week5: Aetiology of Schizophrenia
Week6: The Nature of Affective Disorders
Week7: Aetiology of the Affective Disorders
Week8: The Anxiety Disorders and Obsessional States
Week9: Aetiology of Anxiety Disorders
Week10: Eating Disorders
Week11: Vulnerability and Perpetuating Factors in Eating Disorders
Week12: Criticisms of Psychopathology
Week13: The Future of Psychopathology
Week14: Three Research Reviews
Week15: Final Overview