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Course NameUnderstanding American and British Culture B
InstructorYamaguchi, Nahoko
MajorLiberal Arts Core Subjects
Course goalsThis course is a content-based communicative class that introduces American Culture in terms of the history of Japan-US relations. Students will lead group discussions, conduct research about Japan-US relations, and complete weekly reading and writing assignments about the Hollywood movies which deal with the conflicts and reconciliations between Japan and US.
Course outlineThis course is a content-based communicative class that introduces American Culture by examining the history of Japan-US relations focusing on the portrayal of its representations in Hollywood cinema:
1. The Cheat (1915)
2. Tokyo Joe (1949)
3. Crimson Kimono (1949)
4. Gung-Ho (1986)
5. The Wolverine (2013)
Students will read and examine the reviews of these films as well as watch them intensively. Students will be expected to collect information on the historical background of the day in which each film was made. Weekly class work and homework will include reading, writing, and discussions.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesGrades will be based on homework, class participation and a final essay.
PrerequisitesWeekly attendance and active participation are required of all students.
Texts, materials, and suppliesNone. Internet Research will be required. Handouts will be provided by the instructor.
Course Schedule/PlanWeek 1: Introductions
Week 2: First encounter: Whaling and arrival of the black ships of Commodore Perry
Week 3-4: Imperialism and Yellow Peril: The Cheat
Week 5-7: Second World War and Occupation age: Tokyo Joe
Week 8-10: Extraordinary romance between Japanese and American: Crimson Kimono
Week 11-13: Cold War and Japan-bashing: Gung-Ho
Week 14-15: Dark shadow on Japan-US relations? : The Wolverine