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Course Name(Multicultural Seminar)Foreign Resident Community in Yokohama
InstructorNarum, Paul
MajorMulticultural Seminar
Course goalsBy a relative comparison of Japan and other countries, student will acquire a global perspective and analyze problems in an objective way. At the same time, students will improve their English discussion and presentation skills.
Course outlineThis class is aimed at students deemed proficient in using English at a college-level class. Not only does that mean written knowledge, but also a special emphasis on speaking and listening. All students will be urged to express their own opinions actively and freely, and will be graded accordingly.

The theme of this course is the living situation of the various communities of foreigners living in and around Yokohama. After an introduction to the history of foreigners in the city, a survey will be made of all the various kinds of people living here: Westerners (European, N. American, Australian/NZ), Latin Americans, East Asians (Chinese, Korean), S.E. Asians (Filipino, Thai, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), South Asians, and Africans. If possible, up to four English-speaking guest speakers will be invited to class, one every three weeks or so, to talk about their experiences. Other topics will be introduced in case a guest speaker cannot be secured.

Through this course it is hoped that the YCU students will gain a broader understanding of the current reality and various problems facing non-Japanese people living in Yokohama, with consideration given to their relation with the Japanese residents of the city. Another purpose is to simulate a college-level class in the United States, both in terms of course offerings and class participation.

Note: This course is offered in alternate years.
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