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Course Name(Multicultural Seminar) Current Asian/Pacific Area Studies
InstructorOnishi, Jun
MajorMulticultural Seminar
Course goalsStudents will be able to recognize cultural differences between Japan and other countries in Southeast Asia. Students will learn how to express their opinions effectively in English through participating in class debates and discussions.
Course outlineThis class will mainly focus on cross-cultural management issues in various regions in Southeast Asia. The textbook for this class is a general introduction of cross-cultural management. Students will learn general cross-cultural management techniques from the textbook used in this class and will then apply them to case studies in various Southeast Asian regions introduced by the instructor. The instructor will also bring into the class his research results of cross-cultural conflict for class discussion. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the class discussions and debates.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesGrades will be based on class participation, case analysis, and a final examination.
PrerequisitesThis class will be conducted entirely in English and all students who register for this class must have a TOEFL score over 500 (paper-based) or over 61 (internet-based) or an equivalent proficiency level in English.
Texts, materials, and suppliesThe text book for the course will be introduced during the first day of class.
Course Schedule/PlanWeek 1: Introduction to the course and course material
Week 2-13: Lectures, discussions, debate, and case analysis presentations
Week 14 General review of the class
Week 15 Final Examination