New Graduate School of Medical Life Science Coming in April 2013

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The new Graduate School of Medical Life Science - which will consist solely of the Department of Medical Life Science - is designed to give individuals the research and development capabilities they need to adapt to the post-genome era. To accomplish this, the graduate school will use revolutionary measurement technology to establish medical life science as a new field of biology at the atomic and molecular levels. Instruction will focus on supramolecular biology, which explores life at the material and atomic levels. Students will come to understand the layers of life, from biomolecules to supramolecular complexes to organelles, and from cells to organs to organisms. They will also learn about and frasptopics at the molecular and atomic levels, such as cell polarities, communication within cell networks, epigenomes that relate to differentiation and cell reprogramming, the uniqueness of reproductive cells and how it relates to regenerative medicine, and the highly advanced phenomenon of neural networks.

In addition, students will be taught how to create effective drugs and other treatments for a variety of illnesses. The graduate school will use partnerships with independent domestic institutions - such as RIKEN and The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, as well as networks of international educational institutions - to teach from a global perspective.

Both within Japan and on the global stage, students graduating from this program will be able to use the knowledge they have gained to contribute to a broad range of fields, including health, the environment, sanitation,and medicine. To help program participants leverage their knowledge to the fullest, this new graduate school will also teach them what they need to know about startup companies and intellectual property.