YCU Summer Program in Global Service Management 2016

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This summer, Yokohama City University held the “Summer Program in Global Service Management 2016” at its Kanazawa Hakkei Campus. It was a four-day program (from July 10th to 14th, 2016) covering the areas of 1) latest trends of service management, 2) latest trends of politics and economy among Asian countries, 3) Intercultural Management, and 4) Green Innovation. Participants from Asian countries — City University of Hong Kong, Foreign Trade University (Vietnam), and Thammasat University (Thailand) — along with YCU students learned intensively in English in a multinational environment.


“Globalization and Innovation Management beyond Borders”

The program focused on the Asian region, in which both political and economic situations change day by day across countries. The aim of the program was to provide participants with an opportunity to experience and deepen their insight into global service management through a series of lectures, group works, and discussions.


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Sixty students (from YCU: 49, City University of Hong Kong: 5, Foreign Trade University: 3, Thammasat University: 3) participated in the program, which consisted of 6 lectures/work sessions delivered by 7 academics (4 YCU lecturers and 3 guest lecturers). It also included field trips to Nippon Maru Memorial Park in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama, and to the Panasonic Center in Tokyo so that participants could observe service management both in the public and private sectors. At the end of the course, all the participants made group presentations to show their achievements.




  • This program is a really good chance for international students to learn more about Japan and make friends with students here.
  • It was a really memorable moment with the new friends I made in YCU. I want to stay longer if possible.
  • It was a really good opportunity for me to share ideas from different perspectives.




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