YCU Science Summer Program 2016

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In 2016, the Graduate School of Medicine hosted the 8th YCU Science Summer Program. Fourteen international students and YCU students studied together in this program very actively! The program was held mainly at the YCU Fukuura Campus from August 2 through August 9.


“A comprehensive approach for human well-being – How can medicine and medical care contribute to human society?”

Everyone has a strong desire to be in good health. The WHO’s constitution defines “health” as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This summer program looked into what social well-being means for people all over the world, where we are facing serious issues such as poverty, food shortages, super-aging societies and pandemic infectious diseases. While medical innovation makes people live longer, health policies in our society should consider the QOL aspect and the sense of happiness of citizens



The program provides international students with an opportunity to study in the international city of Yokohama. Moreover, each participant from various countries can share ideas and knowledge regarding medicine and its role in human well-being. This gives the students a chance to deepen their understanding and broaden their minds towards the program’s theme. YCU students also benefited from this opportunity and they nurtured their abilities to express their opinion freely under the multi-cultural circumstances and the ability to understand one another’s differences.




This year’s program consisted of lectures given by top researchers from YCU, the National Cancer Center and the University of Tokyo. The program also included visiting the Kihara Biological Institute, and our main campus and going on excursions. On the final day, the participants gave presentations followed by enjoyable and active discussions.




This year we had more than 15 foreign students from Thailand, Malaysia, China and the USA and 18 YCU students from YCU Medical School in Fukuura campus. I’m very pleased to tell you that every participant got involved in a lively debate, and enjoyed mingling with each other. The debate over the current topic was very productive, and we can hopefully give you the details of this summer program in the near future.