3rd Okurayama International Students Forum in Yokohama 2014 (Student Report)

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Article from June 28th, 2014

On June 28, the 2nd forum for Japanese culture was held in Yokohama. The students of Yokohama City University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Keio University welcomed the students of Harvard University there. Every summer, Harvard University sends 90 students to Japan for summer school activities. As you know Harvard is one of the best universities in the world, we were a little nervous, but we were really looking forward to meeting them.
The purpose of this forum was to introduce Japanese culture to the students of Harvard University. In recent years, Japan’s relative position in global society has fallen and there is a growing sense that Japanese people have apprehensions not just about political economics, but also to explain Japanese culture to people from abroad. Therefore it was a great opportunity for us to become aware of how much we know about Japan.




The topic for this year was “Anime” (animation). We invited Mr. Aketagawa the sound director who leads the Japanese Anime. He gave us a lecture about the post production process of Japanese Anime. Also, he explained about the post production for the movie “AKIRA”. AKIRA is a Japanese action anime directed in 1988 and now it is well known all over the world. Mr. Aketagawa told us about the importance of sounds. He was trying to explain that sound gives a significant impact to human beings, because it is unusual to have no sounds in this world. After we had a delightful lecture from Mr. Aketagawa, we tried to make a demonstration of post-recording. Many students did very well being voice actors. Next, we had some fun with drawing pictures on Japanese folding fans (Sensu). We drew some pictures in our own way, and we gave them to each other. I had so much fun with them.




To conclude, it was such a wonderful experience to meet with the students from Harvard. Before I finished, I would like to thank Mrs. Yoko Okura, the Japanese host of this event. Without her cooperation, we would not be able to have this opportunity. We were so proud that we participated in this forum and I am sure that this event marks a great meaning in this year, the 160th anniversary of Japan-US relations.


Written by Yuka Kato
Junior, International College of Arts and Sciences