Science Summer Program
What is the Science Summer Program?
Yokohama City University organizes an annual Science Summer Program, whereby students from various countries participate. The program lasts for about one week, and takes place in one or more YCU campuses, as well as some external facilities. The main theme for each year varies, but are related to the university's main scientific disciplines. The participating students will have the chance to join lectures by YCU’s esteemed academicians, participate in workshops, and give presentations. The students will also get the chance to go on excursions around Yokohama, including iconic areas such as Minato Mirai 21 and the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
Previous Science Summer Programs
Theme: A comprehensive approach for human well-being – How can medicine and medical care contribute to human society?
2015 Science Summer Program


Theme: Sustainability and Innovation Management beyond Borders
Theme: Proteins — Nature's Amazing Robots!
2013 Science Summer Program


Theme: The fusion of different disciplines of life, material and medical sciences creates the innovative prospects
2012 Science Summer Program


Theme: Integrating knowledge from different disciplines of life, environment and medical sciences for the new era: 'The reconstruction toward a brighter future for the world'
2010 Science Summer Program


Theme: Frontier Life Sciences towards Global Health