Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities (GCI)


At Yokohama City University, with the collaboration of international institutions, we have been striving since 2009 to build a strong intercollegiate network, the IACSC, in order to help solve the urban issues and challenges that Asian cities are facing. The IACSC’s international symposium has been held and planned through three units (Urban planning, Environment, and Public Health), who also contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Development Program (SUDP) and to providing more exchange opportunities between researchers and students.

The Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities (GCI) was founded in order to promote the development of international human resources, of leaders able to lead the international society, by strengthening the relations between universities and between cities, as well as through the IACSC. YCU’s students have acquired the ability to understand, take action, and negotiate, through active participation to the IACSC, to field studies, and to exchange activities with other universities.

At the GCI, we strongly support and encourage students to go on the field and face the actual conditions and challenges each city has to deal with, in order to enhance their knowledge, experience, as well as ability to develop practical problem-solving skills.

Prof. Akihiro Nakamura

Director, Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities

Professor, International College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of International Management