Structure and Function

The Advanced Medical Research Center (AMRC) of Yokohama City University (YCU) was established in 2006 according to the medium-term plan (2002-06) of Yokohama City Government. The main task of AMRC is to facilitate advanced medical research associated with diseases such as cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, etc. AMRC is focused on basic research in the field of genomics, proteomics and cellomics, and translational researches, which can fill in the gap called “Death Valley” between basic research and its clinical application in order to feed the results back to the healthcare of citizens. AMRC also promotes collaborative research within the university as well as between industry and academia, and development of the biobank.

In December 2012, a new AMRC research building that includes 7 collaborative laboratories for biobank, clinical research promotion, proteomics and cellomics, and 4 laboratories for the industry-academia collaboration was constructed on Fukuura campus. In October 2014, it was able to invite three new full-time staffs and to begin additional construction, scheduled to complete in August 2015. This extension provides more space for Genome Research Center, Proteome Research Center, Cellome Research Center, Animal Model Analysis Center and Industry and Academia Collaboration laboratories. In April 2015, the YCU Center for Novel and Exploratory Clinical Trials (Y-NEXT) was opened to provide both facilities and infrastructure to accelerate translational researches and clinical trials.