Bofu-Tsu-Shosan, an Oriental Herbal Medicine, Exerts a Combinatorial Favorable Metabolic Modulation Including Antihypertensive Effect on a Mouse Model of Human Metabolic Disorders with Visceral Obesity

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Date: 25 Mar 2015


Obesity-related disease patients are increasing and obesity is a major medical problem associated with the development of hypertension, type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and dyslipidemia, and ultimately life-threatening cardiovascular disease (CVD) [1] Obesity is reportedly often accompanied by hypertension and obesity-related hypertension is closely associated with the development of systemic atherosclerosis along with T2DM and dyslipidemia, resulting in increased CVD morbidity [2] Therefore, there is a need for new treatment strategies for the management of both obesity and hypertension. In the face of widespread and still increasing obesity, a variety of anti-obesity drugs and procedures, such as bariatric surgery, have been developed as treatments under the approach of western medicine that have helped a number of severely obese patients, but these treatment modalities are limited due to both adverse effects and the degree of invasiveness [[3],[4]]


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