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2015 Student Freepaper Forum

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On November 29th, 2015 (Sunday), Yokohama City University students participated in the 2015 Student Freepaper Forum. The Student Freepaper Forum (SFF) was first introduced in 2005, and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.



The objective of the SFF is to support students’ freepaper (student non-profit publications), and over the years have evolved into a ‘festival’ to promote the wide array of student freepaper. The SFF gives the students a precious opportunity to share their creations with the public, and also provides them with a platform for networking and expanding their knowledge regarding the field of work.


Yokohama City University's 金沢HAKKEN


Yokohama City University’s student freepaper is 金沢HAKKEN (Kanazawa HAKKEN), which is published twice a year. 金沢HAKKEN features articles, reports and photographs made by the students in the students PR (学生広報). The publication includes information regarding the Kanazawa ward, its society and even various dining information.



During this year’s SFF, the members of the 金沢HAKKEN production team have set up a booth alongside students from other universities in BankART Studio NYK, and promoted the latest autumn-winter issue of 金沢HAKKEN. The SFF lasted from 10.00 until 19.00. Although the 2015 SFF is now over, copies of 金沢HAKKEN can be found in YCU’s campuses for free, so please pick-up your latest copy and enjoy the works of our hardworking students.


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